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Thread: Perfection!

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    Default Perfection!

    Just went to the range with my CM9 and my CW380, a box of Blazer Brass 9MM and a box of PMC Bronze 380

    17 slide lock release batteries smooth as silk, 100 trigger pulls, 100 bangs, and 17 lock backs. I like that.

    I had my P380 to the range a couple of weeks ago and it was perfect also.

    So....3 perfect Kahrs. I'll recommend them to anyone. Not saying I didn't do a little work on them but none of the 3 ever had to go back to the mother ship. When I broke a follower on the CM9 I emailed Kahr and had 2 free ones 3 days later. Did the ol' rampectomy and still have 1 brand new follower! The CW 380 needed a new extractor and filing the extractor rear pin to be perfect but simple enough to do.

    These guns just keep getting smoother and better. I'm a happy Kahr fanboy...LOL

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    None of my Kahrs has ever been back to the mother ship except for a social visit.

    My PM9 turned 10 years old last week, and it has NEVER had a malfunction of any kind. It's 2 boxes of ammo away from 6,000 rounds, and I've replaced the outer recoil spring twice.

    Am I a fanboy? Dunno, but I trust my life to a Kahr - all 7 of 'em. That wonderful Kahr trigger had me from round one...

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    The only Kahr which was problematic for me is my CW380. A trip to Kahr fixed it and now I carry it pretty much every day. They are such good pistols. The only problem I see is they are so inexpensive many consumers assume they must be the same quality as other pistols in their price range.

    Kahrs aren't Tauruses or SCCYs.

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    I can say that all my Kahr's are totally reliable. I have a P45 that is 4 years old. It drops a magazine occasionally and a call yesterday to Kahr and a new mag release button and spring are on their way and under warranty. Couldn't be happier with Kahr and their customer service as well.

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