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Thread: CW9 Factory Trijicon NS Coming OFF!

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    Default CW9 Factory Trijicon NS Coming OFF!

    I went to the range with my new CW9 with Factory Installed Trijicon Night Sights and 70 rounds into the break in period the front NS Comes OFF!!!! Upon looking at the design it seems that it is not a Good design with the screws being too short or not being able to go into the front sight far enough.

    My question and concerns are:

    How often does this happen? And Can I carry this with day to day abuse and rely on the front sight staying on?


    (I did contact Kahr customer support and they are working to fix the sights.)

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    Trijicon generally makes good stuff. Maybe they weren't installed correctly, not tightened enough or no Loctite?

    I'd say once they are installed right you should be good to go.
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    Any chance you could post a photo (or PM me one) of the sight?

    I've installed those sights on my CW45 and CW9. I've not had any issue with them coming loose (about 7 years on the CW45). I think they are certainly more durable than the OEM plastic sight for "C' series guns, but not as rugged as the dovetail sights on the premium guns.

    I must say that I found that the installation can require more than just dropping them on screwing them in place.

    I wrote the above when the front sight was coming with only one screw. I believe they use two screws now, but the info still pertinent as to how the screws should be installed.

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    GoldnBullet - I ran into the same problem as you did, but on a sight I installed myself on my CM9.

    I called Kahr, and they said they ran into this problem before.

    Their solution was to have Trijicon thread both posts, and they now include 2 screws to hold the front sight on more securely.

    I followed Greg's excellent post and diagrams on proper fitment, and applied red loctite liberally to the screws, posts and bottom of the sight.

    No more issues after several thousand rounds. I also installed another sight on my CW45 with no issues there either.

    Don't crank down on those little screws - just snug them up and let the red loctite do the work.

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