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Thread: Magguts: Another Purchase

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    The flat base plate swap was easy. Not so much on the extended base plate.

    Called magguts who are sending a different spring and plate. Will try this week and then range time this weekend to test.

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    That was quick and custom service from Magguts was top notch. Received within 3 days the replacement spring and flat base.

    Installed and ready to go.

    Will head to range with a few different kinds of ammo and report back next week or so..

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    And.. made the most of the day off today. Went to the range with the newly upgraded mags.

    No problem with most ammo. Still issues with the Fiocchi ball ammo, but that was expected. Magtech, Sig (FMJ) and Inceptor stuff was gobbled up no problem. Some issues with Failure to fire after the gun got a bit dirty. 50+ rounds were fired and the last round held open consistently.

    Sold on this product.

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    magguts are awesome. Have them for my p238 and couldnt be happier. The people over there need to make springs and followers for like 20 more models of pistols, the demand is certainly there.

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