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Thread: Striker Foot Drag.

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    Default Striker Foot Drag.

    I can't find the thread on the striker foot drag. I think it was on Kahr Talk but it may have been on another forum.

    I purchased a CW380 this week and I'm having that issue as well as a few others. I have thoroughly read the threads here and have already done some work on the extractor. The reason I think it's the striker foot or maybe the feeding ramp on the bottom of the side is because with a loaded magazine I can slightly pull the slide out of battery and it will not return. It will return is no magazine is inserted. The thread on the striker foot drag that I did see didn't have a very good description on how where to mod to fix the issue.


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    Interesting, I'd not read about that issue.........

    If it were me, I'd mark the striker foot with a black sharpie or marker, let it dry; and then repeat that test several times over to see if I could confirm there are marks on it.

    If that's not it -- mark something else and retry?

    Good luck.

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    I have not heard the term striker foot. However, if you are referring to striker drag which has been all over the Sig 365 forums and threads, then you might find the Manual as a useful tool.

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    I also suspect that after you shoot it a bit this issue might clear itself up. Being tight as they are when new things get better after they run a bit.!
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