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Thread: Ruger's Security 9 should be retitled "Common Sense 9"

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    Default Ruger's Security 9 should be retitled "Common Sense 9"

    On a limited budget but want a great high cap 9mm?
    1. 4" groups or under at 25 yards freehand
    2. Can actually see a round in chamber when checking to make sure pistol is loaded - with no blowback or debris when fired. How many times have you checked your pistol by pulling back the slide because you weren't sure if you loaded your pistol? (Of course, always pull back slide to make sure pistol is unloaded.)
    3. conceals in IWB holster identical to a 1911 but with 16 devastating rounds and weight feels lighter. I carried a 1911 for 40+ years.
    4. Feeds everything without a single hickup, FTF, FTE
    5. Better than average sights
    6. Better than industry standard trigger
    7. Pistol, 2 15 round mags, great laser (which tightens groups in low light or indoor environments) for $360.00
    8. mags pop out and super easy to insert
    9. I have enjoyed this pistol completely
    10. I could have paid 100's more for another brand and not get any more - may be less - in fit, function, pointability, shootability, and complete reliability. I have owned many pistols and all were much more expensive, even 1,000's and I have to say that this pistol offers the most for the least. I use a nylon IWB left hand holster and the G2 Fobus tactical holster left hand paddle that fits my CZ Sp01 with laser/light. The Security 9 fits snuggly without any movement.
    11. The Security 9 is a mid sized pistol that is smaller and lighter than a Glock or Sig. with the same capacity of rounds.

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    I like mine too.
    Aftermarket accessories for Kahr Pistols at https://lakelinellc.com/
    There are always more in the pipeline...

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    Just curious. Why the security 9 over the SR?

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