My question is directed to people who own both a 380 and 9mm in the same series (P or CW). I have a strange request, and I expect to get flak from some posters for even asking it, but I really want to know. Will one (or more) of you try to put the slide of a 380 on the frame of a 9mm. Does it go into battery? Does it rack properly? Does the slide stop hold the slide open? Could you also try putting the 9mm barrel into the 380 slide (using the 380 recoil spring and guide rod) and mount that on the 9mm frame? Do parts line up such that a 9mm round could be properly stripped from the 9mm magazine and loaded into the chamber? Does the 9mm barrel lock into 380 slide when in battery?

I know that it will look weird with things not being even at the front end of the pistol. The 380s are generally around 0.5" shorter than the 9mm pistols. I also know this configuration would not be recommended or supported by Kahr. I also know that the 380 spring would be too weak for a 9mm round. I just what to know if the geometry of the pieces fit. Thank you so very much!