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Thread: My 1st gun CW9? But...

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    Question My 1st gun CW9? But...

    Hey All,

    I'm looking to buy my first gun and after much research and testing I've picked the CW9.

    At gun shop "A" it is
    $350 used and comes with two magazines. Its condition is 'Very-Good'. I have had the opportunity to shoot it twice.

    At gun shop "B" it is $275 used and comes with five magazines. Its condition is 'Good'. I cannot shoot this one because, there's no range there. It seems like a no brainer...

    However, I am nervous that being whoever traded/sold it had 5 mags for it, they more than likely shot it often and may have put a lot of wear on the internals of the gun.

    What should I do? Which gun should I pick? Does anyone know what to look for when buying used Kahr?

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    I see you could buy new at Bud's for around $355 and think it comes with one mag. I'd definately go with the 275 and 5 mags. Springs are cheap enough so if you have to buy a recoil and striker spring that will not be a big deal. Make sure it functions correctly and smoothly. Field strip it and look for anything obviously wrong. These guns should last for thousands of rounds. I'm sure others will chime in with more info on 'what to look for'. If I remember correctly, new CW9's could be had for less than $300 earlier this year...hmmm. Good Luck!
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    If these 2 guns are your only choice go with the 5 mags and 275.
    If you dont like teh gun sell it for 250 keep 4 of the mags and buy a new one for 75 buck more and you are good.

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    It depends on if you're going to carry it and may want to downsize your choice if you're going to conceal carry. You may want to increase your size for range only use. Too many if's for me at the moment.

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    Default My 1st gun CW9? But...

    Id go new if it were me. Check grab a, buds and preppers gun shop online. I think I saw them for close to the $329 range recently. Im not a fan of buying someone elses problems. Not saying that all used guns have problems, I just dont want the hassle of getting one that does and not having the warranty to back it up.

    Price update:
    Buds $342
    Grabagun $343.99
    Preppers only has it with night sights $362

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