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Thread: CW380 Slide locking back prematurely. See pics for possible reason

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    Unhappy CW380 Slide locking back prematurely. See pics for possible reason


    I just picked up a CW380 and the slide is locking back prematurely. It looks like the issue is the slide lock spring is loose. I already read the issues with the torx screw being tight enough but I think the hole in the frame for the screw is a fraction of a mm off causing the washer to lay over the frame and not the spring. Thus tightening the screw or loosening it has no effect on the spring being loose or tight. Please see the pics below and let me know your thoughts.


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    That doesn't look good. I would contact Kahr Customer Service by email and attach or insert those photos. Emails with enough information are good ways to get prompt attention and not be waiting on hold. That could be the wrong size washer, too!

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    That washer can't be tucked under the frame before the screw is installed can it. I've never had any of mine apart that far to tell.
    Maybe it was installed incorrectly from the get go?!
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    I’ve never experienced premature lock back but at my age it’s bound to happen.
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    Looking at the center of the torx screw, me thinks someone was bearing down a slight on that screw............................................

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