If you're not familiar with the history on this one, read " New TP 40". Photos posted there. Gun back from Kahr in very reasonable amount of time. Only problem is they didn't tell me they were shipping it. Twice. The first time I was in Pittsburgh and the gun went to Baton Rouge. Returned after 3 delivery attempts. Second time I called them to say go ahead and send it and the response was, "We already did. It will be there day after tomorrow". Oops.
They did indeed replace the barrel. The new chamber hood looks as bad as the first one but they ground off the really nasty stuff and now this barrel is missing its right rear corner like the one on my PM 40. No problem there. But I'll need to clean it up some more. The important part is that the bore on this barrel looks and feels like it should. They did replace the slide lock spring and it's now hard to push the pin out like it should be on a new Kahr. They also changed the trigger and the magazine release and its spring which shows that they were listening when I said "Please check the whole gun". I don't know what was wrong with the mag release. It works like the first one which means I"ll never be able to do rapid reloads with his gun. My thumb is part of that problem. The trigger had been catching my finger sometimes between its tip and the guard on the return stroke. Not severe but may have become more noticeable with time. Better now. I can only guess that was why they changed it. Don't know for sure.
So I took it to the range and put 210 rounds through it. I thought that after bonding with the PM 40 I would just walk right into this gun. Not so. Muzzle rise is much more pronounced. The PM recoils straight back into my hand. The TP flips pretty hard. But by round 125 or so, things started to smooth out some and I got a little more consistent. Any accuracy issues were mine and not the gun. It shoots where you point it. Fun to shoot. Glad I got it.