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I did a lot of reading and investigating the MK9 before purchasing one. Sight unseen(just a pic) and never handled one in person. I was basically shocked by the feel of the trigger. Grew up shooting revolvers but never felt anything so easy and smooth, at least on my MK. It's what makes the gun, and most other firearms, you would have to spend money to get a trigger like that. Owned it now for about 8+ years. Use it for main carry. Prefer the dot the eye sights. Smooth shooter for sure.

I bought my MK9 sight unseen as well. GunBroker purchase---no box but it came with an MK9 mag and three P9 mags. It wasn't my first Kahr. Wasn't even my first steel Kahr. But I couldn't be happier with it. It's so accurate, well-made, and easy to shoot that I will choose it over my G19 for range time.