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Thread: Hey all, new here bfr

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    Default Hey all, new here bfr

    I ordered a BFR 45-70 10" online, should be shipped to my dealer tomorrow and i have a question. I will be reloading and ordered the dies ect from optics planet. I also ordered some .458 bullets from Sportsmans warehouse and they arrived today. THe thing is they sent .459 and not .458. Does it matter? I have never reloaded 45/70 so i am unsure.
    thanks for any advise.
    Merry Christmas!

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    We reload 45ACP and 9mm so can't help you with the 45-75. But that is a cool cartridge!
    Welcome aboard!

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    Depends on if the chamber. Have not tried any 459s in my 45-70 .......... there is an old method of reducing the bullet to make it fit by removing the decapper and 'bumping' the round into the sizing die till it fits ..... some taper crimp dies will do this nowadays

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