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Thread: Springfield Armory XDE

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    Default Springfield Armory XDE

    New purchase last week is impressing me each time I shoot it. My son has several Springfield handguns of the XD series, but all are striker fired. I liked them but not enough to buy one since I own a DAO Kahr CM9. But the XDE is a DA/SA with a de cocker feature ...and it is a slightly larger version of the XDS and I am very satisfied with it. Came with 3 8rd and 1 9rd single stack mags. Has a metal front FO sight with 2 dot white metal rear, but will replace front and back sights with Dawson sights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhJTl9QOhIs

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    No grip safety is definitely a plus. Kept a lot of people from buying Springfield, along with their politics.

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    The XDe is interesting. I have thought about one several times but just havenít done it yet.
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    I seen one of those at the last gunshow, I didn't peruse it enough, I didn't realize it was a decocker. Pondering now I'm sure that's what it was. I liked the hammer.
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    Just to update the XDE. Has not failed once with any ammo I have used.....FMJ or HP of various manufactures Seems to really like the S&B 124 gr as far as accuracy goes. DA is no where near the Kahr smoothness, but SA or partial cocked position allows much better trigger reach and lighter pull. Still working with the sight adaption...did put a different FO rod on the front with a green rod from a different gun I have Also painted the rear white dots with florescent yellow paint....better target acquisition now. Still carrying my CM9 though...hard to replace it as it is still my favorite.

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