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Thread: DE1911G recoil and main springs

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    Default DE1911G recoil and main springs


    Iíve got 2 DE1911Gís, one 45, one 9mm. Would like to have spare recoil and main/hammer springs for both.

    The factory springs seem seem very light to me in both calibers and MR is not sure what comes from BUL. Tried contacting BUL, no word yet.

    Has as anyone replaced these springs in their 1911 and what poundage did you use?

    i hear a 16 lb recoil spring is standard for a 45 with factory loads,230 grain but the spring in my gun is nowhere near 16 pounds.

    It shoots great but Iím dazed and confused on finding spare springs.


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    Wolff makes a nice test set, comes with like 3 or 4 springs, 16#, 18#, 20# and 22# I think, don't quote me. That way you can test and see what works best.

    I got a set for something else. I have 2 1911G's both in 45. Haven't replaced anything as they haven't needed it.

    Great guns, probably the most accurate in the stable. I'm kind of on the prowl for a Commander size 9 MRI.!
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    Try Wilson Combat, they have wide selection of flat wire spring/guide rod combos. Link below.
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