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Thread: Holsters, Gear, Manuals, KARMA!

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    Default Holsters, Gear, Manuals, KARMA!

    Lowered prices.

    Willing to trade for P365 10 or 12rd mags or mag extensions.

    Shipping included, or prices minus shipping if meeting F&F in SW Ohio. Paypal F&F or USPS money order.

    Holsters: Top to bottom:

    SOLD Kahr 9/40 or similar mag pouch for 1.5" belts. $20. SOLD

    SOLD FIST kydex IWB/AIWB for a Kahr PM/CM/MK series. $20. SOLD

    Uncle Mike's Level 3 duty holster for most 4"-4.5" guns. It's worked with Berettas, Taurus, Glocks, Sigs and FN. $15.

    Hunter brand IWB/AIWB for a P320. Also worked well with an M&P. $40.

    Safariland SLS level 2 for a G17/22, etc and a TLR-1, X300. $25.

    Safariland 070 SSIII level 3 for a non-railed P228 or P229. $20.


    Magpul AFG. $24.

    *** Hogue rubber side panels only for a Sig P220 with American mag release. $15

    Gen2 slide catch lever for 9/40/357 guns in a sealed package. $10.

    P250 and P320 manuals. $5 each.

    KARMA: P320 take down lever O rings. Free for MIL or LEO that carry the 320 for work or off duty. PM a pic of your work ID and address and I'll ship a few for personal use or 10 for agency use.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Lowered prices

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