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Thread: SD ammo for a Baby Eagle III

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    Default SD ammo for a Baby Eagle III

    Im going to ordering a B.E III semi- compact and was wondering what S.D ammo folks here are having the best luck with.
    I going to buy site-unseen since I own a CZ 75 and am reading that these are real close to the same in the hand.
    I use Speer Gold Dot 230 in my officers size 1911's and am hoping to use these in the B.E.


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    I like 230 gr. Remington Golden Saber, but believe the 230 Speer Gold Dot will work pretty near as well:
    [<a href= target=_blank></a>

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    Im going to have to try some Remington does not like Speer Gold Dot 185 gr standard loads.

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    I have 300 rounds of various ball with one issue at round 292...did not strip completely from mag and slide stopped short of battery,dropped mag and the round was about 1/2 stripped out of mag a little nosed up in front. Reinsereted in mag and finished shooting until empty.
    Went ahead and tried my favorite 45 SD loads...Speer Gold Dot 185 gr standard was a jamomatic,insert a full mag,release the slide the first round and second strips about half way just (like the one time with the ball from above statement) and slide stops before going into full battery, tried two more times with same result.
    Im going to be looking at some different SD since some semi-auto can be a little picky when it comes to JHP
    Going to go next weekend and run 150 more ball.
    When and put the third 150 rounds of ball today, got another fail to strip around from mag around round #62,reinserted in mag and fired until empty.Shooting a local to me Ram Ammo..have been using his stuff for years with no failures except these two with the BE could be a case of limp wristing but not convinced of that.
    I got some Federal Hydro-Shok 165 stanard load and they worked fine.

    450 rounds with two fail to strip the next round off of the mag.

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