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Thread: CM45 or PM45 for 25 bucks more?

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    Should probably note that the Kahr factory lube is probably sufficient to fire the gun right out of the box. I don't know what it was but it seemed thin and drippy and is probably geared toward long term corrosion resistance than lube. Quite impressed Kahr has taken this route because your could buy a "brand new" gun that was made years ago especially if it is a "niche" gun like a Kahr is.

    Ballistol was ahead of it's time for being "jelly" like I'm it's clinging ability to metal when other oils of the day were more viscous and thinner. I hope I used those terms correctly.

    I know there are most definitely better clp's out there but I've got two huge bottles of the stuff I bought because Hickok45.

    I think the Kahr is tighter than any Glock I've ever owned so I may need to see how it shots gently swabbed with Ballistol before I start saying it works on a Kahr. As tight as this Kahr feels I could actually see using an actual grease sparingly on the rails but this is all theoretical discourse in my head.

    It's been a long time since a pistol has impressed me so much. The Kahr value line is basically a Glock copy but different enough to maybe need a slightly different approach to lube.

    I'm thinking about some needle applied lube on the rails is all...I think would be all. Gotta find one the cats can eat safely!

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    The PM series are a better option than the CM series for accuracy.

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    I use TW25 in a syringe applicator on all my rails, Kahr included. I don't know if cats can eat it or not. Your cats lick your guns?
    Could be a whole new cleaning method, have to ponder this some.!
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