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Thread: Got my Baby Eagle today

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    Default Got my Baby Eagle today

    Fits great in my hand, feels like my C-z 75, field strips very easy. Finish is average but it is going to be a carry gun.
    I got the steel model, it came with 2 mags however, one does not have the notch cut for the follower to be able to bump the slide stop to hold the slide open on empty. Hoping Kahr will send a new one ASAP.

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    I have 300 rounds of various ball with one issue at round 292...did not strip completely from mag and slide stopped short of battery,dropped mag and the round was about 1/2 stripped out of mag a little nosed up in front. Reinsereted in mag and finished shooting until empty.

    Went ahead and tried my favorite 45 SD loads...Speer Gold Dot 185 gr standard was a jamomatic,insert a full mag,release the slide the first round and second strips about half way just (like the one time with the ball from above statement) and slide stops before going into full battery, tried two more times with same result.
    Im going to be looking at some different SD since some semi-auto can be a little picky when it comes to JHP

    Going to go next weekend and run 150 more ball.

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