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Thread: 1927a1 firing pin failure

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    Default 1927a1 firing pin failure

    I purchased my 1927A1 Thompson and shot approximately 300 rounds through it. I loaded a
    and started shooting when suddenly all I heard was a click. Tried again and click. I had also had feeding issues so I decided to return the gun to Kahr for inspection and repair. I got it back a few weeks ago and I tried to shoot it again. All was well until this past Sat while I was
    pcc in an IDPA match. Shot about 60 rounds and then I got a click again. Retried and click. Another broken firing pin. Has anyone else had a similiar experience?

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    I've not had that issue. I'm just fixing to break mine down for a good cleaning. I don't shoot mine too much or often and I did experience some feed issues with my drum but I figured I was loading it wrong, once I sorted that out I didn't have any issues.

    No problems with my stick mags.
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