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Thread: Older P9 has developed a failure to eject.

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    Thatís great news.

    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    Extractor tension can cause failure to feed or extract. If it's too much, it can cause failure to feed. If it's not enough, it can cause a failure to extract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elkins45 View Post
    Visually I canít see any defects with the old extractor, but as long as itís working again Iím not going to look my gift horse in the mouth.
    I bought a P9 a few years ago that dates back to the early 2000s and it had a FTE issue from day 1 of my owning it. It was purchased as-is from a local gun shop that asked me to call Kahr and said they would make it right if Kahr didn't (I would have preferred to have purchased a functioning gun, but they explained that Kahr would have charged them extra to fix it, since they are a dealer. Nevertheless, I think they should have checked it over thoroughly and made it right before putting it up for sale. But I digress...). I called Kahr and they said to send it back to the Mothership. They replaced the extractor under warranty and polished the feed ramp and breech area for free... maybe because I asked them to install night sights while it was in their care. Anyway, the new extractor did the trick. My P9 was as good as new. Better, actually, thanks to the polish job. I have to say that I was impressed that Kahr would go the extra mile like that, since I wasn't the original owner.

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