Not posting this link to promote, just as an example:

I've had one of these Baby Eagles for about 13 yrs, which shoots like a dream BTW, and it's always been hard to find any information on it. I purchased it second hand from a friend who didn't have much background on it. It has no import marks at all. Some of the info I've found states it's very rare and 1 of 6 found in the US, slipped through the cracks when importing. I find that hard to believe, but at the same time due to the difficulty I've had finding any info on it, I suppose anything's possible. I have emailed Magnum Research and IWI USA about this and neither have responded. I'm trying to figure out if I'm sitting on a unicorn that's worth some $$$ or if I should just keep it? Many thanks in advance to any insight you all may have!