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Thread: Sight change on a PM9

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    Default Sight change on a PM9

    Never liked the stock sights on my PM9 so I decided to change to the TruGlo TFX Pro's. Several years ago, I
    traded for a Glock 19 Gen 4 that had just came out and the guy I traded with had a set of the TFX's that came
    with it (Uninstalled) and gave the the Glock front sight tool and this weird contraption that was made to push
    sights in a dovetail. Though it was a pain in the butt to use, it pushed the rear sight out of the Glock just fine
    so I did NOT purchase a newer version of sight pusher when I ordered these sights. This piece of junk did get
    the rear sight off, finally but I could not budge the front sight for love or money. Ok, back to the more primitive
    method, brass punch and hammer. Nope, didn't work either. As a matter of fact, after nearly 2 hours of trying,
    I slipped with the punch, hit the front post and destroyed the front sight. Out came the Dremel Tool and after
    cutting a like carefully down the middle of what remained of the front sight, it came out.
    Now, installing the new sights wasn't a big deal. they pressed in by hand for about 1/16th of an inch to get them
    started, plastic hammered them gently until even with the slide frame then used that junk press to push them
    in. Checked center with my dial calipers and hit it withing .002 on the rear and .003 on the front. Left them
    alone, that's plenty close enough. Out to my range and at 10 yards, they were dead on. I only had Locktite
    Blue and that's what I used but I don't think they'll move any. I wrote down the numbers and will check them
    with calipers now and then just to make sure.
    Long story short, if you decide to do the install yourself, purchase a decent sight pusher and make sure it's
    for front and rear sights. A lot are rear sight only. If you have a gunsmith close, I'd go that route but the
    closest for me would be a 120 mile round trip and I could still need a pusher to adjust the sights so I'd have
    to buy one anyway.
    That's my story and I hope it helps anyone thinking about changing their sights to learn from my mistakes.
    I was going to insert a pic of the new sights but it calls for a URL and I don't have my pics on a site since
    the last one I used started charging to store them. Anyone know of a decent sight I could use, let me know
    and I'll try post a pic or two.

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    I put TruGlo sights on my XDm 40. The stock front sights are notoriously tight. I purchased a very basic sight pusher online and followed a hint I'd read elsewhere to remove the slide and put it in the freezer overnight. Work on the front sight immediately after removing the slide from the freezer. While it was still very tight, it was better than room temp.

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