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Thread: Good modification I found for the Alabama Pocket Holster

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    Default Good modification I found for the Alabama Pocket Holster

    About a year ago I picked up a pair of Alabama Pocket Holsters for my kahrs, and while I appreciated the positive retention they offered, I did not like the fact that the holster would come out with the gun if I was not careful with my draw.

    I started messing around with some rubber cabinet liners and some twine and was able to come up with this solution There are 4x layers of liners around all sides of the holster, attached with the twine as shown and also running through the Alabama holster rear eyelet (not shown)

    The holster has never come out with the gun ever since adding it and it helps break up the outline a bit. I have found it also makes it easier to get a hold of the grip while drawing by keeping it away from the inside of the pocket (a bit like a snubby revolver's cylinder)

    YMMV but I have found that the PM9 with this setup works best with the 5:11 Styke Pants pockets (enough room to get my hand in easily and draw the gun quickly, but deep enough to maintain good concealment)

    For added anti-printing I recently started inserting a pit of cardboard into the small front pockets as shown
    Not only does it help break up the outline, but it makes drawing smoother as well.

    I hope this helps anyone interested in kahr pocket carry!

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    The holster maker needs to take notes & update or revise the design.

    i have no problem modifying things but the holster should work better.

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    I like the Alabama pocket holsters. The issue that I was having was wearing a hole in the front lower corner of my pocket.

    The fix: I glued an Uncle Mikes or a Blackhawk nylon pocket holster to the Alabama holster. Enough padding to save the pocket and sticky enough to improve holster to pocket retention.

    Note: I pocket carry, depending on circumstances, a CW40, Ruger SR9c, G27/33, or a Glock 19. Yup, I buy pants with big pockets or make the pockets bigger!!
    "Do as I say not as I do"
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    "Do what you want, 'cause you will any way"

    Stay Safe

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    Thanks for the info/fixes folks
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