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Thread: Frame disassembly for early P models?

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    Default Frame disassembly for early P models?

    The current P series guns have a screw holding the side plate in place but my very early P9 has a headed pin instead. Since replacing every part in the slide didnít fix my failure to eject problem Iím going to install a new ejector. Is there a resource somewhere that shows how to replace the ejector on the older guns?

    If this doesnít fix it I either have to buy several hundred dollars worth of a different brand of ammo or I have to spend several hundred dollars on a new gun. Replacing the ejector is worth a try before spending more $$$.

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    Except for removing that pin, the disassembly should go as done here:

    While it doesn't have as many photos, this article details how the author removed the pin:

    "Look on the left rear side of the frame opposite the side-plate pin. A very small dimple will be visible. Not the end of the pin, folks, just a dimple. Center your cup-pin punch exactly over the dimple and tap two or three times. Check the opposite end of the side-plate pin. If it has separated from the side plate enough to get your forked screwdriver under it, stop tapping. Carefully pull the pin free of the frame"

    Here's the dimple:

    [<a href= target=_blank></a>

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    Thank you. This was very helpful.

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