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Thread: Speer Gold Dot G2 is not for Kahr’s

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    Default Speer Gold Dot G2 is not for Kahr’s

    The 9mm Speer Gold Dot G2 did not do well in this test.

    This is not the end all LEO ammo as it is proposed. I’d stick with Federal HST or regular Speer Gold Dot.
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    Gee, I've been told(repeatedly) that all modern 9mm ammo is just as efficient as the larger calibers. Who was I to disagree with that blanket statement(wink wink). I see that depending on the firearm and target, 9mm can be quite disappointing...……………………………………….

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    "Your 9mm may not expand, but my .45 surely won't contract."

    I actually watched the TN9outdoors video some time convinced me to stick with the old Gold Dot.

    The most realistic bullet tests I have seen are those from Paul Harrell and his "meat target."
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