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Thread: New member - Hi all!

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    Default New member - Hi all!

    New member here, and I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello!

    First Kahr was a K9 bought new in the 90's (still have). Didn't fire it much, but started getting back into the Kahr brand lately when looking at pocket/small guns, and a few more when the local shop was selling below dealer cost.

    Second Kahr was a CM9 I picked up after renting a S&W Airweight (what I originally intended to purchase) and a Glock 43.

    When my dealer had the sale, I picked up a CW40 and CW45. Right now I'm loving that CW45! I only put about 200 rounds of WWB 45ACP through it, but I'm really liking it! I'm still getting used to the CW40, but I might do a little research on the forum to learn more.

    The CM9 has about 400 rounds of various brands: Rem UMC JHP 115gr, Fed HST 124gr standard and +P, Rem HTP 115gr +P, and a couple others I can't remember.
    The CW40 only has about 120 rounds of AE 180 FMJ (FTF's) and Hornady CD (no issues).
    The CW45 has about 200 rounds of WWB 45ACP JHP (as mentioned earlier). Next time at the range I'll try some +P and different weight bullets for POA/POI, function, and recoil testing. Of the four, this is my favorite to shoot!

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    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    Hey......I think you will enjoy the forum!

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    Howdy Scott! I’ve been after a CW45. I haven’t been able to find a “steal” on one yet, but will keep looking. Welcome to the forum. Lots of friendly & helpful folks here. It is not a busy forum, but you can usually get answers and feedback pretty quick from a few of the hardcore Kahr/gun guys here. Happy shooting!

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