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Thread: First range trip with new PM40 Kahr

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    Default First range trip with new PM40 Kahr

    I took my new Kahr PM40 to the range today.

    I'm usually a revolver carrier, but I've become interested in semi's recently.

    I tried to shoot the Kahr, and found it wouldn't feed when I racked the slide. Failed every time and jammed. Needed to take the mag out to clear the jam.

    I let my buddie in the next lane try it, and he got it to fire a whole mag with no problem

    Turns out, I wasn't racking the slide all the way back.

    Man, this gun takes some force to rack the slide. It wasn't a lack of hand strength. It just took way more force than I expected. As I said, I'm not an experienced semi shooter, but this gun is harder to rack than my other guns.

    From then on, the gun gave no problems.

    I'm going to like this gun.

    I find I don't mind the recoil that much. But I need a speed loader to load the mags as I had trouble getting more than three rounds in by hand.

    Next I shot my P238 Sig. Just the opposite. The easiest slide to rack of any I've ever tried.

    The Sig is always very accurate in my hands. like it a lot. Never jammed for me. I let another buddie who was also shooting there try it and he had trouble with jams. Said he had a problem with limp wristing small semi-autos. I don't seem to have that problem

    Last, I shot a few rounds with my S&W 3913. No problems with it, as usual. The mags are much easier to load by hand compared to the PM40.

    I'm not yet ready carry any of these guns, but the P238 is close. A few more trouble free range trips and I'll be there. It's considerable smaller than any of the J frame revolvers that I currently carry.

    I'd also consider the 3913 ready to carry, but I'm only into pocket carry so far, and only a few cargo pants have big enough pockets for it.

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    Default First range trip with new PM40 Kahr

    Firm grip and recoil management are key to mastering the PM40. Revolvers are very forgiving of a slack grip, not so the sub-compact large caliber Kahr’s.

    Break-in is critical. 200+ rds. Nothing less will do.

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    Kahr recommends locking the slide back inserting the mag and using the slide release to chamber the first round.
    If executed properly a sling shot will work just fine and you obviously discovered. You just have to get it all the way back and let it fly, don't ride it down and slow the momentum.

    Give it time, your bonding well.!
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    Don't full load the mag and you will find it will chamber better when racking the slide, kahr mag springs are super strong/tight for some reason. I never use a slide stop as a release sure fire way to break it in my opinion.

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    A firm grip to prevent "limp wristing" is needed for chambering a round, too. Kahr's light slide and strong springs require a strong grip to prevent some of the needed slide momentum from being lost to the rotation or movement of the rest of the pistol.
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    It does take some force to rack the slide and a firm grip to function these small guns. I still have major issues when doing one hand malfunction clearances, I cant get the slide to retract enough whether racking off my belt, leg or heel of shoe. I do feel the more I shoot my cm9 the recoil spring is getting a bit more manageable. I dont really care for the extra effort racking due to the great balance in reliability and portability these small kahrs offer. I cant wait to get another Kahr.

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