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Thread: Merwin & Hulbert

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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdsThaWord View Post
    Iím often amazed at the skills those guys had back then. No computers. No CNC machines. Often times working under candle or lamp light, yet they built amazingly intricate, beautiful pieces of functional artwork.
    Damn good point!
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    Never heard of them before but after watching the video, I am prepared to purchase one of each model for all three versions of the very best condition available...

    as soon as I win that dang lottery!

    Truly amazing revolvers in my opinion. If I ever was lucky enough to find one I could afford, I would want to shoot it. Probably not the smart thing to do, though.

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    If it's in good condition and you use period comparable loads, shooting it shouldn't be an issue.

    I'd want to shoot it too. Heck I'd want to carry the thing daily.!
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