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Thread: Howdy from Arizona

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    Default Howdy from Arizona

    Hello fellow Kahr owners,

    Just ordered my first Kahr, a CM40.

    I normally carry a Shield 45 or 9 mil but have been getting kind of tired of the bulk during the summer. To supplement my EDC I've been pocket carrying either a S&W Bodyguard 380 or a Beretta Pico. Well, I figured it was time to pocket carry only, and 380s aren't going to cut it. The only Kahrs I've handled, and fired, were the CW380 and PM9. My first impression of both was that they felt great. The triggers were exactly what I like (long smooth firm pull), but actually much better than my BG and Pico. What impressed me the most was how accurate I shot the PM9 from 8 to 10 yards(sub-3" groups), so I thought I had to have one.

    Anyway, when I saw the CM40 was on sale and realized it was the same size as the 9, I ordered it. So here's to hoping I like, and shoot, the 40 as much as I did the 9. I've got a lot of Kahr forum reading to do before the pistol arrives.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome to the group, you'll like it here--I predict that you will be impressed with the CM40. I upgraded from a Shield 9 to a CM9 and never looked back.
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