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I have a Sig P365. It suits my needs well as a modern design with a basis to some extent tied to the Sig P320.

The P365 is small, accurate, and reliable after break-in. It is one of the best small pistols on the market. You can get 10, 12, or 15 round 9mm magazines.
Tested in detail with 1,000 rds at my club with 5 long time members, very experienced shooters and devoted to micro 9mm's. The 365 is a nice well made/built firearm. However, not the best we have seen or shot. The highlight of the gun was the ability of the gun to accept a few rounds more than other models in the same class. As far as shooting, it was nice, smooth, but nothing out of the ordinary. Shoot a Ruger LC9S and you have the same gun as far as accuracy, recoil mgt. and muzzle flip. Both are snappy, but good shooters. Trigger was the standard flair of light short break striker fired style. I see they now have one with a Safety, which I would recommend with this gun. (Provided you spend time to learn to use a safety).
Beware of the 365. Make sure it fits your hand. The receiver to frame is very narrow. All shooters were warned to be careful NOT to ride the slide. Which we all did. This gun is not made for a large or med/lg hand and a glove with this size hand is out of the question.
The Sig is a nice well made firearm. But advise to shoot it first. If a few more rounds is important for you, then shoot this gun. You might also try the new XL. Same gun but larger. It would be my choice.
That said, nothing beats the Kahr for me and others. Just a very smooth, well built, great striker fired DAO fire arm. No wonder it remains unchanged for all these years.

Go with the Kahr.