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Thread: More CW45 break in and testing +P notes

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    Default More CW45 break in and testing +P notes

    So I went to the range today to further familiarize a couple different Kahrs in different calibers to 1. ensure POA/POI with different loads for my CCW course this weekend and 2. continue function testing the CW40.

    I thought I might as well test out some 45 +P ammo while I was there. The WWB JHP and FMJ work and shoot great in the CW45. I only casually shot a few rounds of +P (about 10-20 rounds each of three different types), as I knew I was going to take the test with the WWB and was a little strapped for time. The three +P loads were Corbon 230gr +P JHP, Corbon 185gr +P JHP, and Remington Golden Saber 185gr +P.

    They all seemed to shoot around 1" low at 5 yards, although it might have just been me. In my subjective opinion comparing to the WWB, the CB 230+P felt around 20% more stout, CB 185 +P felt around 15% more stout, and the Rem GS 185+P felt around 10% more stout. I did note a strange malfunction with the CB 185gr +P.

    One round of CB 185gr +P did not fire. It was hard to extract. After I extracted it, I looked at the bullet. No dent on the primer, and the LARGE JHP was significantly deformed. I am assuming it was deformed from the feeding ramp since the hollowed out area is HUGE on these rounds. Much larger than on the Remington 185gr. I am attaching a picture, but it might be hard to see the deformation. In person, it looked like 1/3 of the hollowed mouth formed a triangle along the diameter. See pic below.

    The next time I head to the range with different 45 ammo to test, I will check for deformation of the rounds before firing and update my post here. I did not experience any malfunctions with the CB 230gr +P or the Rem GS 185gr +P. Strange side note: I think I had a hard ejection to the head on the 185gr +P. Later I fired around 70 WWB JHP and FMJ and noted about 6 bounced off of my forehead. I think the hard ejection (CB 185+P) put a crescent shaped cut on my forehead causing a little bleeding. I'm not sure which caused it, as I didn't notice it until I was washing my hands in the restroom after the range session. I was shooting next to the wall, so some of the rounds might have bounced off the wall onto me.

    Other notes:
    1. My CW9 fires Rem 115 and 115 +P to POA, while the Fed HST 124gr and 147gr shot 2-4" low respectfully (5 yards). More testing needed to verify.
    2. KW40 going on 200 rounds now, but seemed to shoot all over. Last 10 shots with WWB JHP seemed to settle in at 3" low and 2" to the right. Even with the WWB it felt like the slide was bouncing when returning to battery. More testing needed.
    3. I don't remember my K9 shooting so light... maybe I never shot standard pressure 115gr in it before. Holy cow it was sweet shooting.

    Pic of deformed Corbon 185gr +P (FTF):

    Edit: Recently picked up a TP45. Although I did not test the 185gr +P CB since I want to use the same ammo in both firearms, I tried the Rem GS 185gr +P and CB 230gr +P. No deformation noted. However, the 230gr +P CB would not load into the chamber without a hard push on the back of the slide (only tested 2 rounds). No issues with the Rem GS 185gr +P. Unfortunately, this round is no longer listed on Remington's website.
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