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Thread: It's been over 6 months since the MK9 got out

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    I have guns I haven't shot in years, have several I've never shot at all, some new that I just haven't got around to shooting but will. I just can't part with any of them. Most aren't new, most I inherited, or bought from relatives or widows and such.
    Like many things they all have a story or sentimental value of some sort.
    I do have some I really should part with to upgrade or add to the accumulation.

    So many guns, so little time.!
    In Memory of Paul "Dietrich" Stines.
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    I learned at a very early age that as soon as you part with a gun, you will soon regret doing it. I have experienced that feeling more times than I like to remember. This also applies to many other things that you decide to throw away or sell and then find you now have a need for it and wished you still had it..

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    I agree. I had a MK9 years back. It did not shoot so well (not very accurate), or I did not shoot it so well. Since it was my only gun at the time, I had to get rid of it to get something I could shoot a little better. I then was going through pictures, saw it and really wanted it back. Hence the one I have now. Same thing happened with an Iver Johnson Thrasher SS (first 1911 I ever polished). I now own #2 and doubt I can ever part with it. BUT, these days I have a little more range time under my belt, so I can shoot the MK a bit better than I used to. Also, I recognize it for what it is made for, which is close quarters defense.
    Yes Bawanna, I wish I could have a few of every one ever made!

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