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Thread: Pretty, but not perfect, but also not bad

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    Case hardening isn't an applied finish, it's like a heat quench. Like a box of chocolate, you never know for sure what your gonna get.
    That being said, a closer look seems to be in order so when spots are completely missed it gets a do over or something.

    For a long time you never saw a case hardened slide, only frames. I always figured the heat would mess with the hardness or something on the slide. They must have figured out how to do it without negative effects.
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    Saying "blued" is just a habit

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    Great job on getting her just so. Iím with Bawanna on those grips. Gorgeous!!!
    Iíve never seen one of the case hardened oneís other than in pics, but have always thought of them as really nice on the eyes. I like that finish and the Damascus steel look like you see in knives a lot. Kind of a wild look to those finishes. Evokes steam punk images for me. Not sure if you know what I mean by that. Maybe something Captain Nemo would have carried on The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

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    Itís nice!

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