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Thread: anyone own this single stack magazine speedloader

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    I saw this post late but will add this anyway; I use a ADCO Super Thumb for my CM9 mags. it's like a supplied Glock mag loader. no problems with Art Ritus so far, can use whole hand to force the follower down. easy peasy,no squeze-y.


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    Used the ETS CAM loader again tonight... using only my single 8 round magazine for the S9 I did 150 rounds at the range and it was a complete pleasure... the guy next lane stole it for a couple Glock magazines and asked where I got it...

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    Uplula works well for me, but it is a bit chunky in my kit, so when I encountered this thread last month, I ordered a rangetray.
    Finally got around to trying it, and I'm taken aback by how well it actually works (I'm the skeptical type). I love its small size and simplicity, and it's plenty fast for my purposes. I also find it easier than the Uplula to load mags off-hand, without having to stabilize it on the bench. it has a little knob on the side to quickly unload magazines, too. Not terribly useful to me, but I appreciate the cleverness.
    It's pricey - if it were mass-produced in China, it would be a 99 cent key-chain give-away - but they're magazine-specific and 3D-printed, probably in small batches, so the mfg is hardly getting rich on these. I'm tempted to buy a couple spares lest they stop making them.
    That thumb-ring thing looks attractive, too - kiss: keep it small & simple. Might have to pick up a set.

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    I have i used it for a Glock 42 it's ok but is very slow to use. For me i found either a Maglulu or one made by Makershot does the trick

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