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Thread: Utter Disappointment

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    Angry Utter Disappointment

    For anyone considering the Magnum Research .22 Mag rifle, please read other online reviews and reconsider.

    I spent over $650 on what I thought would be an above average, semi-high end plinker. I'm sorry I did. I received this rifle 2 weeks ago and gave it a thorough cleaning, as recommended, right out of the box. Had it to the range 3 times since. It was easy to sight in and once sighted, was amazingly accurate.

    HOWEVER....the rifle CONSISTENTLY fails to eject every 3-4 rounds. The shell usually gets caught in the bolt during the ejection process. I have no idea what is causing this but it seems to be a very common complaint about this rifle that is obviously being ignored by Kahr (this complaint goes back at least 4 years on some forums). It also fails to feed quite a bit, though not as much as the failure to eject. Happened with 2 different types/brands of ammo, both 40 grain.

    Dig a little deeper into your wallet or save your money for a low end Volquartsen. I'll be putting this one on GunBroker if anyone is interested.
    Such a's an otherwise great rifle, but it is NOT worth the annoyance. I like shooting at the range....not digging shells out of a receiver.


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    Never hear from the happy ones. Send it in to Kahr on their dime. To bad their executives don't realize how much they could save the company by better quality control measures.
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