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Thread: Kahr MK9

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    Default Kahr MK9

    I am considering trading my MK9 for a PM9, or another firearm that I can front pocket carry. The MK is getting a bit heavy for these old bones. It's an LTD serial number and comes with 1 six rd. mag and a plastic case. It has approx. 550 rds. through. It has the Wollf spring set up and original set up unused. It shows wear on both sides of the slide from 8 yrs. of carry. A couple of vertical scratches that look like cracks but they are not. Has the Birdsong coating on slide. I love the firearm but it's time to go lighter. If anyone has an offer or idea, pm me. I am not sure of it's worth, but am willing to hear offers. May sell outright, but would rather trade. I believe that the mfg. date is 2001, purchased new in 2011. Would consider a Ruger SP101 2".
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