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Thread: A new build in progress

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    Default A new build in progress

    So I purchased a new 1911 frame from Brownells. It's the one that they are marketing. It's in stainless.
    Until I decide what to finish it in, it will stay in the white.
    I'm mirroring a build look I did years ago where I built a frame I purchased from RIA to use with a .22 Marvel Precision conversion unit

    It will also have all controls and pins in the black. It has the front strap checkered 30 LPI. The blued mainspring housing is also checkered 30 LPI. The grip screws are also checkered 30 LPI
    I installed a blued Ed Brown grip safety. All other controls are also in the blued.
    I'm still waiting for more parts to come in

    I haven't really decided what I'm gonna use this frame.
    Maybe I'll use it on my .45 Mech-Tech carbine conversion unit. That unit currently has a Para-Ordnance P14 frame ( I liked the idea of a 16 rnd. .45 carbine ) that belongs to a comped slide that I built many years ago when I competed in IPSC
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    Nice. I always like custom build pistols. It shows creativity that I donít seem to have.
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    Looks great on the Marvel. Always been fond of a two tone look.

    Well done.
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