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Thread: More stag

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    Default More stag

    I took the stag grips off my stainless Colt to see how they looked on the AO with the color case finish and liked that so much I decided to leave the stag on the AO.


    Another set of stag came my way, but I liked them better on my Kimber TLE II than I did on the Colt.

    Still wanting stag on the Colt, I found a set online that I wasn't sure about, but the price was really good, so I bought them. In hand, they are not so bad and, so far, I'm liking them on the Colt.


    Aw, what the heck, here's my TRP and that's all om my stag handled, slab sides in one post.
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    Looks like stag heaven to me. Wow. As a stag lover I'd say you nailed it proper.
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