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Thread: HK and Beretta For Sale (I can't buy them all myself ya know?)

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    Ok, I'm sold, I'll take wait I won't take it. What the heck am I doing.

    Still up for grabs.!
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    It's a nice firearm. It's a good price. Surprised someone hasn't scarfed it up yet. I have the SK version in DA/SA.

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    The LEM trigger comes in three variants (1, 2, and 1S below), and makes the gun DAO, albeit a very light DAO. The three variants provide distinctive differences.

    The P2000 has been superceded with the P30 but is still preferred by many over the P30. It does not have grip modules like the P30 does, as you can see in the Colonel's pictures. There are other differences too. But both are very well made guns that tend to be extremely dependable. The price being asked is very fair.

    edit: Also the P2000 uses the same mags as one of the striker fired models, the USP Compact. So you can equip it with 12rd .40 mags as well as 10rd mags.

    Also, as with some other .40 guns this one can be converted to .357 simply by adding a barrel.

    Colonel if you handle that gun you'l find that the slide lock on the right side is loose. These are known to rattle and that bothers some folks. But a very simple fix is to slide a short piece of shrink tubing over the end of the lever and shrink it to the middle of the lever. It solves that particular "feature" very well and easily. If I didn't already have a V3 I'd be tempted to scoop this LEM V2 up myself. They are very fine handguns.

    Here's a chart on the trigger variants
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