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Thread: Numbers written on barrel and frame?

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    Default Numbers written on barrel and frame?

    Hey Folks,

    Been a while since I visited and I have a question. I picked up a new K40 Elite today that I ordered online from a shop in CA (never thought Iíd buy a gun from CA ). I noticed when I took it apart that is has a handwritten 13 on the underside of the barrel, and a 14 on the inside of the frame, both in red sharpie.

    Anyone seen this before and any idea why itís there?

    I bought it new, so Iím hoping this doesnít indicate a gun that was sent back to factory for repair.

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    I've never seen it, but it could be the same thing the Big 3 used to do back in the day to show who inspected the part(s) passed muster before assembly.

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