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Thread: TP45 (new) doesn't like Corbon 230gr +P

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    Default TP45 (new) doesn't like Corbon 230gr +P

    I just thought I'd post and ask if anyone else has had this experience. On a previous range outing, I noticed that the 185 gr +P Corbon's mouth was deformed on one FTF while breaking in my CW45 (pic in this thread), no issues with the few 230 gr +P CB rounds tested on that day. However, today I was putting a few rounds through a new TP45 and had issues with the Corbon 230 gr +P (same box of ammo as tested in the other thread). 50 rounds of WWB FMJ, 13 rounds of Rem GS 185gr +P, and 2 rounds of CB 230gr +P. I was limited on time and I was actually there to start break in on another firearm, therefore that's all I shot with the TP45. No issues with the Rem +P or WWB.

    The two rounds tested would not fully seat in the chamber without a stout bang on the rear of the slide (yes, I know that this is dangerous). When I compared the Rem GS seating to the CB, I noticed that the CB was hanging out of the chamber about 1-2mm more. It's hard to see in the pic, but you can see it if you pay attention to the 8 o'clock position of the case in comparison to the chamber mouth. I'll disassemble my CW45 and TP45 and do the "plunk test" over the weekend with different ammo.

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    That was my first plan, do the plunk test and see how that works out, maybe the ammo is a bit out of spec. Sometimes the Kahr chambers are a bit on the tight side so could be a combination of both, hence one gun eating it and one balking.!
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