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Thread: Will this get my wife to go to the range more often?

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    So we need to do the math, work the problem. By my Missouri Dirt Farmer math calculations the same scenario all things being otherwise equal would require 27 9mm hits or 39 380 hits.

    Just tugging your leg of course, even a 380 usually leaves a mark and probably smarts something fierce.!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_usn_ret View Post
    NOT bad mouthing the 380acp cartridge by any means. Have and have had a number of them. My Bersa Thunder is still one of my favorite. My CW380....well not even close as I like my CM9. But why with the number of smaller 9mm handguns avail why are they still so popular? The disadvantages are, snappy recoil, high price for ammo, many hard to manually rack (not the EZ or LCP I will say) mag capacity and yet they still sell like hotcakes. It is like my wife and her .32 Mag revolver....ammo costs are insane compared to a 38 special. No difference in size and sure .32 long does not have the kick a 38 has but the .32 mag comes close. I go to the range and seems like there is always a person there with a new 380acp shooting it for the first time. I just find it amazing they are still so popular.
    They are still popular simply because they are so darn easy to carry, the cartridge has come a long way and many folks find the Kahr, Pico etc. Mild as butter to shoot well. Racking is no problem and have trained with them to the point of high level of competency. In close quarters and even to 10 yds they are a excellent defensive tool. Easy to conceal with a hand on the gun and nothing is faster than that.
    They can make guns in bigger calibers all day, guns with high rounds counts, yet the Pocket Pistol will still be around for a very long time. And in truth, I would bet a dollar to a doughnet that more people will still carry them then any larger gun that comes out. I know I do. I love the CM9, the very best there is for a Micro 9mm imo, yet I carry the 380 much more. If I have to carry a gun larger than a Micro 9, or similar size, I will not carry. Just too heavy, bulky etc.

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    Good luck with that.

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    Well since I started this thread 12 days ago, my wife has been to the range with her new gun twice and she loves the ease of operation so the answer to my OP question is a definite "yes". She even helped with the cleaning on Saturday. Next time out she will work with a Streamlight TLR4 mounted on the rail.
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