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Thread: Real Ivory 1911 Grips? Legal? Value?

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    Sad it's so bloody expensive. I've learned that not all stabilized wood is equal. Some ends up brittle and cracks easy.

    Bought considerable from WSSI. Chatted with him a couple times and he said it's all in the mixture. Need to keep the elasticity.
    Great stuff, resistant to everything, don't shrink or warp. He adds different colors to get some pretty cool looking stuff.

    Wife got me some stuff to start stabilizing. Been putting it off, I'm kind of scared to be honest. Figure I'll get into it in a few months and hope I can figure it out and it works.
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    I looked it up. Some amazing looking pieces of stabilized wood available out there. Who would have known? Such vivid colors and that process really seems to bring out the graining of the wood.
    Something tells me youíll be done stabilizing before Iím done with my polishing projects! Lol!

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