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Thread: Some new eye candy

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    Please try to restrain yourself. It would be a crime to do anything to that gun.

    It's drop dead gorgeous just the way it is and it's served it's time.

    Bet it still shoots plenty well enough.

    I had a guy bring me one like that, it dated right in there 1913 or 1914. I thoroughly cleaned and oiled the thing my britches sticking out in front the whole time. He wasn't a gun guy really. Actually he was a lawyer but I didn't know that until I'd cleaned it. He came to my house to pick it up and said he might just bring it back someday and leave it with me.
    That was several years ago and I ain't seen it yet but I still hold out hope.!
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    Well, you certainly have some nice looking pistols now OP.
    Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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