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Thread: Why Couldn't Kahr Accomodate NYPD?

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    Default Why Couldn't Kahr Accomodate NYPD?

    A long time ago the New York City Police Department (NYPD) approved the Kahr K-9 for off-duty carry by its officers. Concerned about negligent dischargers, around 2006 the NYPD asked Kahr about the possibility of increasing the trigger pull weight to 13 pounds.

    Kahr executive Frank Harris is quoted in the article saying, "We worked for about three years to try to modify the gun. After three years trying to meet their requirements, we just had to give up."

    The Kahr pistol is no longer approved for NYPD officers. What was the technical obstacle to increasing the trigger weight?

    Why couldn't Kahr simply have installed a trigger-return spring that was five or six pounds heavier than the stock trigger return spring? Any increase in the weight of the trigger return spring would be added to the total weight of the trigger pull. It would not have reduced the smoothness of the pull (any remaining friction in the mechanism would have become yet more negligible relative to spring weight). Nor would it have increased the tendency to move the gun when the trigger breaks, because the trigger would still carry the additional resistance. I would think the result would have been the best thirteen pound handgun trigger in existence.

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    It could be that...

    Kahr was afraid of "Kahr guns with 13 pound triggers" becoming available out on the street to the shooting public and damaging their reputation.

    My K9 had the original NYPD-type trigger in it, and I later modified it to the better/shorter stroke Elite trigger by changing out 3 parts.

    Kahr was already very well aware of some shooters concerns about the dang "heavy NYPD triggers" on the original K9s, and that also caused many shooters I know to paint "all the Kahr guns" with that same brush... "Oh, that's a Kahr? Gee, I heard they all have heavy triggers..."

    So it's very possible they looked at the small number of incremental NYPD gun sales (with 13 pound triggers) and compared that against all their other gun sales and decided "not to do it" (to protect the brand), but diplomatically said it "couldn't be done".

    That's my view of this, and it's just a gut feeling from 3 decades of business experience with various companies (and their brand reputations).

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    NYPD has a pretty bad accuracy rate.....they are not well known for proper weapons handling. This is pretty well-established. According to what I have read, NYPD higher ups believe that heavy triggers somehow encourage sureness of need to fire or something. That's simply nuts and it's clear NYPD administration has no idea how to shoot firearms. Heavy triggers make guns harder to use and more dangerous.

    Maybe Kahr values their brand more than another contract.

    Personally I believe all firearms makers should refuse to do business with any city, state, or country that denies citizens their God-given rights. NYC and the Sullivan Act come to mind.

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