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Thread: Pm40 ?

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    Default Pm40 ?

    So I have decided to break in my PM40. I have a smooth running CM9 and I did the suggested prep as I did with the 9. I racked the PM40 200x cleaned and lubed it.

    2 Idiosyncrasies

    1. When I use the slide stop to release the slide the slide moves forward then stalls for a second then goes into battery. (Both mags)

    2. One of the mags will not hold slide open.

    any ideas ?

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    Best to call customer service and see what they say.

    My new PM40 didn't do either of the things you mentioned.

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    It could cure itself with a some rounds fired. Firing rounds is far more productive than hand racking.

    Watch the barrel hood, top front for signs of peening. Haven't heard of that for many years but my K40 did so which required a new top end which Kahr replaced without question.

    Could just be a snug tolerance and will loosen up.!
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