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Thread: PM40--Overall Impressions??

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    I'm 63 years old and showing signs of arthritis/gout in my hands. I recently took my K40 and PM40 to the range and popped of 100rds or so out of each gun. Both are super accurate if you do your part.

    Toward the end of the session I was hoping there was no more ammo left! I'm not recoil sensitive by any means as I've shot everything from a Magnum Research BFR in 45-70 govt. to a lowly 22 lr!

    The PM40 is a hand spanker so I would keep the range sessions to 100rds. or less and you'll be fine. If you lived nearby I would let you shoot mine.

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    Thanks for a good review.

    Sounds decent. I can't imagine needing to shoot much more than 100 rounds at a time. At least not with one gun. I get out to the range fairly frequently these days, so those shorter range sessions work just fine for me.

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