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Thread: New Sights

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    Quote Originally Posted by 340pd View Post
    ...That said, working with my PM9 today I had forgot about that really long that trigger stroke. Anything that can be done to shorten it up a bit?
    I think it was Galloway Precision that was coming out with something but Iím not sure. Itís posted around here somewhere. Of course memory may be failing me too.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnR View Post
    I have those sights (the Meprolight "bullseye" sight) on an M&P 9. I found that they work ok, but I haven't shot a LOT with it; it might get easier with practice. Plus, the M&P is challenging to shoot accurately to begin with. Since the sights don't stick up above the slide much (none at all on the Sig), more of the target is blocked. In a SD situation that's probably not a factor. They are tritium sights, so they'll work at night just fine.

    I also hadn't thought about what Bawanna said, about using one eye for the sight, the other for the target. I'm not sure my eyes are capable of doing that. But with a cataract in my dominant eye, most of my shooting has been kind of lame, lately. I go in next Wednesday for a new lens, then I'll be able to aim a rifle again.

    Edit, now I see what Bawana meant - with your non-dominant eye you can catch the target in your peripheral vision since the pistol's slide blocks a lot of the view.
    One caveat, with the Meprolight sights the angle of viewing is narrow. In other words, if it's very dark and you're holding the gun at the wrong angle (easy to do in the dark, and if you're under pressure, and your hands aren't so familiar with the gun), you won't see the sight at all. You end up drawing circles with the muzzle till you sight comes into view. At least with three-dot night sights you'll see three dots from a wide viewing angle.
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