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It's interesting to see this old thread resurrected with current comments. I'm disappointed that Galloway was unable to offer the short-stroke trigger kit. I spoke to them several times about it and was ready to place an order as soon as they were ready. Even volunteered to be a field tester if they had anything they wanted "wrung out" on the range. Ah well...good folks though, nonetheless. I'm using the long set screw trigger stop despite how bad it looks. I'm not terribly concerned with the "looks" of my EDC Kahr CM9 though. For my purposes...looks don't count for much in an everyday use tool. That's kinda like a carpenter wanting to have exhibition grade English Walnut on his hammer.
I'm not that concerned about appearances, but I dislike overtravel adjustment screws on the trigger of my carry guns. Just seems like an invitation to (an admittedly unlikely) problem that I don't need to risk. I'm disappointed about that short stroke trigger kit too. I never have resolved the fact that my P9 does not have the sweet shorter stroke trigger of my Elite 03. It seems to me that something simple should be the answer. Might be as simple as sending the thing back to Kahr, but I'm resisting that.