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Thread: New to me old K9.

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    Default New to me old K9.

    My local LGS is a doing a user firearm clearance until Christmas Eve. They've got a P380 for $199, K9 for $169 and MK9 for $179. I was going to buy all 3 but decided on a VP9SK for $420 and the K9. I'm a softy for HK and I already have a P380 and MK9. The MK9 was a GA02** serial. I didn't care to have one that early and it felt like it needed a recoil spring. The finish was different than mine and they have those funky dovetails and the Houge grips won't fit.

    I'm pretty happy with the K9. It's a AE17** serial so I think it's from 1996-1997 or so. It has slight holster wear and small fine scratches throughout so it will fit right in to my carry rotation without having to worry about marring up a brand new gun.

    Is there anything I should know about these early K9's? I've yet to shoot it but the action is smooth as silk.

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    My first Kahr was one just like yours. Worked very well. Replaced it with another K9 that has the elite trigger (which I prefer). Great price on both guns. HK is my fan-boy brand. Enjoy.
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    Looks like it's early enough to have the soft nice rubber grips. Much preferred. That was a steal price, I would have got it and the MK myself, pass on the 380.

    Both my K9 and K40 I think are about that vintage and no issues, you should be fine and dandy.
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    I have a stainless version from around that time. Great fun, that I am adding to my EDC once my holster comes in. Two cons, though: 1. the new Kahr barrels and don't see not compatible and 2. there were comments back in the day that the steel (not-stainless) version showed signs of rust for some that carried the a lot.

    Back in the day, many "black" guns were steel instead of the coated stainless steel guns we see today.

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