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Thread: Where to shoot - sticky needed

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    Default Where to shoot - sticky needed

    Iíve never been east of the Mississippi on vacation or business. Vacationed out of the country many times but now itís time to experience more of the mother land. I would like to go out west on a shooting vacation, one of those days long training seminars. Naturally check out Americaís scenic wonders.

    So where are the better places in western states to visit friendly to shooters interested in shooting vacations? Maybe but not limited to warmer climates excluding CA?

    And recommend training sites.
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    2nd on using "wheretoshoot". I use it all the time to find new places. They have an app that I downloaded to my phone. Most of the western states will be accommodating to your shooting habit, with the exception of the coastal areas of Washington and Oregon. Clint Smith's Thunder Ranch is in eastern Oregon, so you should be able to find good places to shoot around there. Plus there's always Gunsite in Arizona. I believe the NRA runs classes out of their Whittington Center facility near Raton, NM also. That's a huge place that's shooter friendly! And about 1000 other, less well-known training facilities.

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